Jeffree Star Cosmetics Love Sick Collection Review & GIVEAWAY!!!

Ever since I received my Holiday Collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I’ve been looking forward to the next launch. Of course there were weeks of teases from Jeffree himself on Instagram & Twitter, but what sealed the deal for me was watching Jeffree’s announcement video on Youtube. Can we all just agree that the Blood Sugar palette is picture perfect? The colors. The packaging. All of it. As a simple girl who loves taking flat lay pictures of her makeup, I knew I had to have it.

Blood Sugar Palette

Now I filmed an entire review of this palette on my Youtube channel, but to recap it’s amazing. It takes a lot to impress me with an eyeshadow palette nowadays. I have so many palettes and feel like I’ve seen it all. This is the first Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeshadows I’ve tried, and I’m blown away. Late last year I picked up the Laura Lee Los Angeles, Cat’s Pajamas palette and was so underwhelmed. Somehow I thought these two companies had similar formulas. Turns out that couldn’t be farther from the truth! The matte colors in Cats Pajamas are chalky and dry, where my Blood Sugar palette has the creamiest matte colors. There are two other shadow formulas in this palette, they are metallic and pressed glitter. I love both of them!

What are the downsides you ask. Let me give you two:

  1. The bottom corner shadows with alternative images imprinted in them are pretty difficult to use. They seem to be pressed firmer, and therefore are quite hard to get good pigment out of them.
  2. The packaging is bulky. There’s just no way around that. It’s hard to store and takes up a lot of space.

Love Sick Lippies


Chocolate Strawberry Lip Scrub

I picked up the Candy Cane lip scrub from the Holiday Collection and was absolutely blown away, so of course I had to pick up another one. Let me tell you, I regret it. Chocolate Strawberries taste amazing in real life, but this lip scrub has kind of ruined them for me. It pretty much tastes like a Chocolate Strawberry scented cleaning solution. Does the job, but I definitely reach for Candy Cane more often.

Love Sick Liquid Lipsticks


I always like to break down the individual liquid lipsticks in collections because the one thing I’ve noticed since my Jeffree Star Cosmetics obsession began, is that the velour liquid lipstick formula is not uniform throughout.

Self Control

I am absolutely in love with this dusty lilac color. The formula is intensely opaque, dries down beautifully, and layers great. I would consider this the epitome of the JSC Velour Liquid Lipstick formula. When people are talking about how amazing this product is, this is the formula their talking about.


Romeo is crazy vibrant. If you are not into bright colors, this is not the product for you. I would almost consider it neon, but not quite. It’s definitely a shade that takes a little bit of building up. Two coats are a necessity!


I was actually very nervous about this particular liquid lipstick because again comparing it to the 2017 Holiday Collection, I was NOT a fan of Santa Baby or Berries on Ice. Both formulas were a lot thinner in consistency and they BURNED… Oh boy, did they ever burn my lips. Seeing as Problematic looked similar in color, I was expecting a similar situation. To my surprise, this ended up being my absolute favorite formula and color of all the Love Sick Collection lippies.


In the Love Sick Launch Video Jeffree mentioned that he was trying something new with his metallic formula, and I got to say I don’t like it. It’s way thinner and far less opaque then the previous one’s I’ve tried and sadly don’t think I’ll every reach for this color.

Love Sick Lip Ammunitions


I don’t often breakdown the Lip Ammunitions by individual color because truly the formula is very consistent throughout. I’m a fan of Lip Ammos, but they aren’t a stand out product to me. My favorite color of this collection is Androgyny!


I am currently giving away a Blood Sugar Palette, Calabasas Lip Ammo, & Chocolate Strawberry Lip Scrub(purchased it before I tried mine) over on my Youtube Channel. Check out my Video HERE for more info!


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