SophXMakeupRevolution Palette Review

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of SophDoesNails on Youtube. If you guys haven’t heard of her or seen her, definitely click here, and check out her channel. She reminds me of the Old Youtube. You know the one where people sit on their beds and have a little chat with you about the makeup they’ve been loving. Soph doesn’t try too hard, and I think that’s what I love so much about her content. It’s simple and entertaining, but best of all I value her input.

I believe just over a month ago Soph announced that she was releasing two palettes in collaboration with Makeup Revolution. One of them was a twenty-four color eyeshadow palette. Now, I’m a bit of a high end makeup snob, so I’ve never tried anything from Makeup Revolution. Honestly, I’ve never had the desire to try out a company that dupes so many high end products. That being said, I really wanted to support Soph. So as I was looking at the two palette’s I thought the eyeshadow one seemed to be more up my street.

I purchased my palette off of This is a great website that you can purchase Makeup Revolution on if you live in the U.S. It has the cheapest international shipping that I’ve seen for beauty products. This twenty-four pan eyeshadow palette is $15! Crazy price, right? Most of my eyeshadow palette’s are at least $50. I mean I recently purchased the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, and that was $68 for goodness sake. Needless to say I’m a huge fan of the price, but it did make me skeptical that the quality of these eyeshadows wouldn’t be the greatest.

Since there are twenty four different shades in this palette, I think it would be easiest for me to insert the swatches here, then break down my thoughts.

The variety of colors that you get in this palette are pretty awesome. Based on the price, I wasn’t expecting a lot. What ended up happening for me is I loved some colors, liked lots of them, and really disliked three.

The Loves

Penguin, Mixed Berries, Peaches, Cloud Berry, Pumpkin, Pine Tree, Petrol… OMG PETROL, Strawberry Sheets, Nightmare

These colors are amazing! Seriously, the pigmentation in these colors is unreal for the price. The creaminess of Peaches, Cloud Berry, and Pumpkin, rivals ABH Modern Renaissance matte’s.

I noticed some of the shimmers in this palette look so different swatched then they do in the pan. One of those being Petrol. Petrol is by far my favorite color in this palette. In the pan, it looks like a simple midnight blue, but what you can’t see is the amazing maroon and purple duo chrome finish to it. I WAS SHOOK!

The last color I loved is Nightmare. I’ve got a lot of matte black eyeshadows in my collection, and this one is as pigmented as they come. Soph got the formula of this color so right!

The Hates

Pink Champagne, Sparks Fly, Pug

Alright so these are the colors that really didn’t work for me.

Pink Champagne is so sheer that it’s pretty much unnoticeable. To get the swatch that I did on my arm, I had to dig my finger in the pan so hard about fifteen times. No joke. I had the same issue with Sparks Fly; however, I did end up getting it to work with a very wet brush.

Then we have Pug. Oh Pug. I was so excited when I saw this color in the pan, but sadly it is so dry that it’s nearly impossible to work with. I believe this is the color Soph recommended using to fill in your brows. Girl, I tried! I tried with my best angled brush, I tried getting the brush wet, I tried pulling up some powder and mixing it with fix plus. Nothing worked! No matter what I did, I could barely see this.

Final Thoughts

The combination of colors is amazing. Twenty-four different shades for $15? I feel like that’s unheard of nowadays. The trade off that I do notice for the inexpensive price is as I expected the quality of shadows. Not all of them are what I wanted them to be. That being said, I only dislike 3 out of 24. That means 87.5% of this palette I thoroughly enjoy. I think this palette is 100% worth the money, and I’ll be recommending it to my friends who are looking for a budget friendly eyeshadow option. It’s so hard to pass up because you can do so many different looks for such a low price. Plus, if you purchase this palette you are supporting an amazing Youtuber! So if you’re on the fence, I say do it and know that your money is going to a great gal.

To purchase your own palette CLICK HERE!!!

Here is a look I created with the SophXMakeup Revolution Palette. To see more Makeup Looks from me head over to @katiekat231 on Instagram.

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  1. I LOVE the palette. Have you tried her highlighting palette? By the way, I just wanted to let you know I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster award 🙂

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