JeffreeXJouer Sweet Tooth Review

Jeffree Star… Now if that’s not a controversial name in the beauty community, I don’t know what is. I actually made my first Jeffree Star Cosmetics purchase today. His set of Mini Nudes were calling my name. That and since I’ve been a lot more active on my social network, I really want to share my opinion on the Velour Liquid Lipsticks. Definitely keep an eye out for that blog post in the future, but back to today. I recently picked up the JouerXJeffree Lip Topper Collaboration. It launched on August 26th and as I was seeing it all over the internet, I couldn’t resist.

If you guys aren’t familiar with the brand Jouer, they are very well known for their lip products. Whether that be liquid lipsticks, creme glosses, or their trendy lip toppers. I’ll be the first to say that I think “lip toppers” are a bit gimmicky. Really, couldn’t we call all lip glosses “lip toppers?” That being said, when i saw the color of this particular one I was hooked.


Sweet Tooth Lip Topper is described as a metallic shimmering candy pink, and boy does it live up to that description. You can find it on for $16, but if you’re wanting to get it a little cheaper you can find a myriad of DISCOUNT CODES online. I used NikkieTutorials, which is NIKKIE because I love watching her and am happy if a little bit of my money goes to her way.  With everything I read and saw about this product prior to buying it, I thought it was going to be a very versatile soft pink gloss that would leave amazing glitter and a subtle pink hue. Let me be the first to tell you, if subtle no makeup makeup is your thing, this is NOT the product for you! That being said, I’m not a subtle kind of girl, so this product blew my expectations out of the water.


I’ve thoroughly tested out this product, and I definitely like it. The color is beautiful, and it layers really nicely over top of all forms of lipstick, including liquid lipsticks. I do see why Jouer calls these products lip toppers. They almost have the consistency of a liquid lipstick without drying down completely. I’ve tried Sweet Tooth on top of Nude, Pink, and Neon colors, and though it is pretty over all of them, I find that it takes drastically different color and makes them all similar. Below you’ll see a few swatches of lip colors on their own, followed by swatches with Sweet Tooth over top.


As you can see the colors above are quite different, but when you put the lip topper over they become a bit more muted, at least in my opinion. For this reason, my favorite way to use this product is either on it’s own or on top of a bright pink lip color.


I wouldn’t say this is a must have product. It is beautiful and I’m happy that I have it in my collection, but makeup is my business. Buying, reviewing, and using products is what I do as a profession. Now if you’re just wondering if this product is worth the money, I would absolutely say yes. The quality is great and I don’t see anyone regretting purchasing Sweet Tooth if they want something Pink Glittery Goodness in their lives.


Sweet Tooth over Funny Face from NARS


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