Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection – My Honest Thoughts

I think I may be the last makeup lover on the planet to try out Kylie Cosmetics. Basically, on principle I decided not to order any of Kylie’s lip kits when they first came out. There was so much hype around it, and I didn’t want to just hop on the band wagon. Alas, I caved. When I saw the Vacation Collection release back in May, I fell in love with the June Bug lip kit. Still, I was determined not to give in to the hype. After three weeks of a constant bombardment on Social Media, I finally decided I wanted to order June Bug. Too bad it was SOLD OUT, and it never returned!

All that to say, I was committed to not make the same mistake with the launch of Kylie’s 20th Birthday Collection. 6 PM EST rolled around on August 1st, and I was sitting down at my laptop ready to grab everything that I wanted from the launch. Since I’d never tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics I decided to purchase a good variety and try to get a good feel for the brand. My reasoning was as follows. One… I had to share my thoughts with you guys of course. And Two, I wanted see if all the hype was really warranted.




First things first, can we take a moment to appreciate this packaging??? I mean, COME ON! Gorgeous metallic stars and glitter, on baby pink packaging. Kylie, from all girly girls everywhere, we salute you. It’s the perfect mixture of cutesy and sophisticated. I give this collection a 10 out of 10 on the packaging.

The first product that I decided to try out was the palette. The fifty-six dollar, outrageously priced eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter palette.




A moment of silence for the glitter packaging.

Slay… Me… Now!

Most of you guys reading this don’t know me personally, but if you did, you would know I have a weakness for glitter. My wedding day could accurately be described as a glitter bomb. And as any lover of glitter knows, where there is glitter there is a serious mess waiting to happen. With this palette, that’s not the case. Hallelujah!

Now to what really matters, the makeup. I wanted to create an eye look where I could try a good amount of shadows. This is what I came up with.



The quality of the eyeshadows were impressive. The mattes were pigmented and buttery. They blended well. The shimmers, although weren’t as pigmented were still beautiful. Especially when applied with a damp brush. I really appreciated the selection of neutral colors mixed in with the bold pinks. There’s a little something for everyone.

Blog Swatches with Names

The blush, Cheers, was another story. There was little, to no pigmentation in the blush. Honestly, you would find more pay off from kids makeup at the dollar store then that blush. I dug my brush into it several times, and barely got any color on my cheeks.

The highlighters, Confetti, was pretty, but I would say nothing special. A couple of the other products I ordered from this collection were Kylie’s loose pigment highlighters, and in comparison Confetti doesn’t hold up. If you didn’t want to purchase a separate highlighter it’s nice that it’s in there, but as a girl who loves her makeup, I would rather spend the extra money on an excellent highlighter.

Blog Photo 1

When trying out these products, I decided to try all three highlighters at once. I put Confetti down the center of my face, King on the right side, and Queen on the left. King and Queen are the two loose pigment highlighters. Now you would expect that since the two loose pigments are the same product just different colors that they would have the same consistency, right? WRONG. King goes on the skin silky smooth and leaves the most beautiful finish; however, queen is like a glitter. It’s chunky and acts much more like a glitter pigment than a highlighter. Both are beautiful in their own way, but if I could go back in time I would only order King.




In the picture above I applied each loose pigment dry and wet. The bottom is King and the top is Queen.

Finally, what I was waiting to try this whole time. The matte liquid lipsticks. In the Birthday Collection there were two sets of liquid lipstick minis. One set was in Kylie’s velvet formula, which many people prefer over the mattes. The other was in her original matte formula. I chose mattes solely based on the color selection. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was obsessed with the June Bug lip kit from the Vacation Collection. In the matte minis there was a color called “August Bug,” and it looked identical. That alone meant i was getting the mattes.



Honestly, I agree with all the critiques these liquid lipsticks have already had. They are very drying, and the brighter the color, the more streaky it becomes. That being said, the colors are gorgeous and I was just as in love with August Bug as I thought I’d be. I don’t mind having to apply two layers to get an opaque color. As far as the drying factor, I just apply the Bite Agave Lip Mask underneath and I’m good to go.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to keep this simple. I love August Bug liquid lipstick and King highlighter! They’re by far my favorite products from this collection. I really dislike Cheers blush and Queen highlighter. I get it now. I understand they hype. Is it warranted? In some regards, yes. The liquid lipsticks didn’t let me down. They’re beautiful and I’ll definitely purchase more in the future.


  1. Great review! I still haven’t purchased ANY of her products. I don’t think I will cave anytime soon either. I honestly feel there are plenty of other companies out there (drug-store and high end) that are much more worth my hard earned money 🙂

    • Yeah, I completely understand that. My opinion on trying the line changed the more I’m blogging and creating Youtube videos. I really wanted to understand what all the hype is about, and be able to share my honest feedback on the products.



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