ABH Subculture Palette – Review & Swatches

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July 19th, 2017…The day the Earth stood still, but for a moment, to announce the launch of ABH’s new palette Subculture. Beauty bloggers were shook to their core the moment Anastasia Beverly Hills posted on their Instagram that they were releasing a sister palette to Modern Renaissance. Anybody who’s anybody in the beauty world loves and reveres the Modern Renaissance. Quickly after it’s launch in 2016 it became the MUST-HAVE eyeshadow palette of the year. So as you can imagine, when people heard the news about a new palette being released, things BLEW UP!!!


At first glance, I was a bit puzzled by the colors that were chosen for Subculture. They seemed oddly bright for an autumn appropriate palette. The ratio of mattes to shimmers is pretty unbalanced, but something about that I liked. There are eleven “ultra-mattes,” two “duo-chromes,” and one “metallic” shadow. I kept finding myself intrigued by this palette because I hadn’t seem something quite like it before. Subculture is unique there’s no denying that.

The day I received my Subculture palette, was the same day I had my wisdom teeth surgery, so it was a much needed highlight to my day. As soon as I opened the box I wanted to take photos for this blog and get to swatching. Alas I had to wait another twenty-four hours because I was hyped up on pain killers, but as soon as I had the opportunity, I jumped on it.



The number one thing I noticed about the eye shadows when I swatched them was how opaque the eyeshadows were coming across. I barely had to press my finger down to get highly pigmented swatches. Sadly, the more I would play around with this palette, the more I would realize that high pigment doesn’t always mean beautiful eyeshadows.

The first time I played around with the Subculture palette, I got about three colors deep into my look and decided to start over. Prior to using these shadows on my eyes, I had swatched them on my arms and didn’t forsee fall out being as big of an issue as it was. And when I say their was a lot of fall out, I mean there was A LOT of fall out. Now if that was the only issue, I could work around it for the beauty that is this palette. However, my biggest issue with Subculture is the blend-ability of the eyeshadows. I have to use an incredibly light and precise hand to pick up just the right amount of product on my brush. If there’s too little the colors don’t come across as potent, but if there is even a pinch too much the shadow refuses budge on your eye.

Don’t get me wrong, this palette is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S! But personally, it doesn’t live up to my expectations, and I don’t think it compares to Modern Renaissance. Will I use it? Oh 100%… Like I said above the one word that comes to my mind to describe Subculture is, “unique.” I haven’t seen many palettes like it, so I’m happy to have it in my collection. What I don’t see happening is Subculture becoming a ‘cult palette’ like Modern Renaissance. In that regard, it just didn’t live up to the hype.

I’m curious what your guys thoughts are on the situation… Do you love Subculture? Are you disappointed? Let me know how you feel about it in the comments!

Xx Katie





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