Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette – Hit OR Miss??? Swatches, Review, & Tutorial

In case you haven’t heard Urban Decay just released their newest Naked Palette. Naked Heat, and it’s chalked full of warm fire inspired colors. The internet’s been buzzing about this palette since it was still just a rumor, but now it’s gone VIRAL. I’m a pretty skeptical person and saw a lot of unhappy reviews on this palette, so I needed to try it for myself.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 5.20.29 PM

If you guys want to see how I got this look, click Here, to see my tutorial.

Honestly, I knew I wasn’t going to hate this palette as soon as I looked into it. I am a girl with warm undertones who loves a good coppery eyeshadow, especially in the fall. And orange just happens to be my favorite color!


Now getting to the actual makeup… There are a selection of twelve different eye shadows, seven mattes, four shimmers, and one satin finish.


Let’s break it down.

THE MATTES – Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, He Devil, Cayenne, En Fuego, Ashes

I do love that this Naked Palette has a great selection of mattes! Having a total of seven means that the majority are matte. Outside of the Naked Basics that’s pretty much unheard of for Urban Decay. Although, all seven of the shadows listed above are considered matte some seem to have a different formula. Specifically Low Blow and He Devil. I was pretty disappointed in the blending ability of these two mattes. If you watched my YouTube Tutorial you’ll see me working and working at He Devil trying to get it seamless. It’s a real high maintenance color that most days I don’t have for, but sadly for me it’s still beautiful. My favorite color in the palette happens to be En Fuego. It is the opposite of He Devil when it comes to blending, and the color makes any look with this palette more smoldering and smoky. I LOVE IT!!!

Naked Heat Labeled Swatches

THE SHIMMERS – Lumbre, Dirty Talk, Scorched, Ember

Now the shimmer eye shadows in this palette are what I’ve heard the most controversy on. In reviews people have been severely disappointed in the pigmentation of them. To the point that some have said you need to use glitter glue as a base to see any real color pay off. And honestly, I see what they’re saying. The color Lumber when I swatched it was gorgeous, but I had to DIG my finger into it and add several layers to get the pigmentation I wanted. Then as soon as I rubbed it with my hand the color became dull and lackluster. Scorched is sadly the same way, but to my surprise Dirty Talk & Ember seem to have the same intensity and quality as the shimmer eye shadows I’m used to from Urban Decay. Ember is by far my favorite shimmer in this palette! Just look at the swatch of it… Tis amazing!


Ounce is the perfect highlight color. It is creamy in consistency, and gives the perfect sheen to the brow bone and inner corner. It hits the perfect balance between matte and shimmer, where it’s not dull but also doesn’t give a disco ball appearance to your highlight.


It’s still a HIT. Although the quality of the shadows aren’t all up to PAR with the other Naked Palettes, I would still give it a 4 out of 5 star rating. Anything over a three to me isn’t a miss per se. I would ask that Urban Decay steps it up a bit for the next Naked Palette, because even though it’s not a MISS I still expect more.

One thing is for sure…between this palette, ABH Modern Renaissance, and NARS Fully Reloaded I’d say I’m set for coppery eye looks this fall.

If you haven’t already, definitely head over to my YouTube Channel and check out the Eye Tutorial I did using this palette.



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