Honeymoon In Orlando

Jake and I got married in March of 2014. Due to the finances we decided to go on a weekend getaway right after the wedding, and save up for a honeymoon. In our first year of marriage we had two unexpected surgeries on my right shoulder 1,000 miles away from home and a medical retirement from the Air Force sprung on us. Needless to say finances stayed tight, and we didn’t go on a honeymoon.

Fast forward to August 2015… When Jake and I moved across the country our dreams of going to Hawaii for honeymoon seemed to disappear completely. In the wake of that we decided that regardless of tight finances we were in desperate need of a vacay! A few short ours later we had booked a place in Orlando, FL.

Being on the East Coast we decided it would be best to drive, so we packed up our car and headed out on our 12 hour journey. One thing to mention is this was October 3, 2015… For those who don’t know, this is right when Hurricane Joaquin created a horrendous storm that engulfed The Carolina’s. YES… WE DROVE THROUGH THAT!!!

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When we finally got to Orlando, we were amazed by the resort! As soon as we got out of the car it felt like a tropical paradise. Granted we more than a little thrilled to get out of the car.

The first day in Orlando we decided to recover and shop. We went to IHOP for breakfast(Yes, I know… Sooo Adventurous ;), and then went to The Mall at Millenia. One of both Jake’s and my favorite things to do is shop together! We gave ourselves a budget and off we went. I got a couple of candles, an apron, and a few articles of clothing, and my main squeeze got a bunch of clothing. He always seems to come away with more stuff then me. Once we were all shopped up we went home to catch some Zzzz’s for the next day.

The next day was one of my favorites. We knew all along that we would be going to Sea World while in Orlando, but the night before we decided to also go to Discovery Cove. That place has my heart<3 Discovery Cove is where you can swim with dolphins  and amongst other sea critters. While this place IS NOT cheap, it was an amazing way to start off our Theme Park excursions. You walk into this jungle-esk building and staff are immediately there to greet you. They walk you over to a check in station, take  your picture, and give you your badge for the day(This badge also allows entrance into SeaWorld). You walk down a path towards the beach, lazy river, FOOD, lockers, and the snorkeling pool. One thing important to mention is almost everything at Discovery Cove is complimentary because the price to swim with dolphins is so outlandish, and they only allow 5,000 people in the park a day so crowds a basically nonexistent. After we got our gear settled and ate some breakfast we went over to SeaWorld because our excursion was at 3:00 PM.

I enjoyed parts of Sea World. Mostly the Killer Whale show that we saw! That had me grinning from ear to ear, but the rest of it was quite underwhelming. By Noon Jake and I were ready to head back to the paradise of Discovery Cove, and that we did. We lounged, and snacked, and snorkeled while waiting for our chance to swim with dolphins. We sunbathed on their white sand beach, and ate some more. Finally it was our turn to swim with the dolphins, and although it was less thrilling than I imagined I still loved every minute. Getting to see the personality of each dolphin and touch their “flubber” was a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.

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The following day is when I consider our intense theme park excursions started. We went to Universal Studios on this day and it was PACKED! Seriously… There were so many people EVERYWHERE! I had really high expectations for Universal Studios because I heard from so many people that it was their favorite park. For me that wasn’t the case; however, that being said it was still a great day. Jake and I bought matching Captain America shirts and sported them all day. We went on a ton of rides with our handy dandy “fast passes” in hand. BIGGEST RECOMMENDATION EVER!!! Get fast passes for Universal… It’s worth the money. I will say my favorite part of the day was the time we spent in Harry Potter Land. As soon as you stepped foot into this part of the park it was like being transported to another world. The creators of that area did a brilliant job! Hogwarts was spectacular sight! By the end of this day Jake’s and my feet were dying!! We decided to take a pool day on Wednesday to recover 🙂

THEN… On our final and my favorite day… WE WENT TO DISNEYLAND!!!

I was surprised at how much I loved this day! From the moment we got on the ferry to get into Disney Land I was so happy. I loved the characters. I loved the castle. I loved the rides. I loved the food. We spent all morning and afternoon wandering around Disney, going on as many rides as possible. I got a pair of Minnie Ears, which is A MUST! Then around evening time we decided to head over to Epcot and get some dinner. The dinner we had in Germany was great. Who doesn’t love a good braut ever once in awhile?

Since we went to Disney in October, every evening they had a “Halloween Party,” that of course you paid extra for, but it was so worth it. After 7 PM only people allowed with wristbands were allowed to stay in the park. Everyone was given a bag to collect candy, and they set up 25 different stations at key places in the park where they would give out HANDFULS of candy. Nowhere else is it acceptable for a 21 and 24 year old to go tricking treating, but there! It was a blast!!! Jake and I were literally running from place to place. We went on splash mountain three times because there was no line. And to end off the night we watched the parade of villains, a Hocus Pocus skit, and Halloween themed fireworks! To top everything off, while we were waiting in line to get the trolley back to our parking spot, an old lady started bartering with me in line for candy! It was a perfect day!

After Disney, we had one day to recover and pack everything up, and then Saturday we headed home.

Our honeymoon to Orlando was chock-full of adventure and fun! Just how we wanted it.


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